Untersuchungen zum Wasser- und Stoffhaushalt kleiner bewaldeter Einzugsgebiete unter besonderer Berücksichtigung periglazialer Deckschichten (Nationalpark Eifel)


Due to Global Change and its impacts on landuse-change it is necessarry to figure out how and to what extend carbon- and nutrient-fluxes as well as water-cycles are effected. This project monitores the conversion of a wooded catchment from spruce to beech tree. The effects of the parameters landuse-change, soils, vegetation, and climate will be analyzed to detect their impact on carbon, nutrient, and water. For the first time, quantitative carbon-fluxes will be investigated for this region (by: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere: Agrosphere Institute (ICG-4)). Furthermore, data on water-cycles of low mountain ranges and nutrient fluxes will be analyzed with special regard to periglacial cover beds (by: RWTH Aachen Universtiy, Department of Geography – Division of Physical Geography and Geoecology (PGG)). The effects of landuse-change, whether induced by human or climate, will be evaluated.

Contact Persons:
Holger Borchardt M.A., Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmkuhl


Eigenmittel RWTH Aachen
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