EASED (Eurasian Sediment Database)


Current Status (Click to enlarge!): 140 Sites, 1037 luminescense dates. The background map is based on CleanTopo2.

Data and knowledge about last glacial environments have increased significantly during the last 15 or 20 years. A huge number of studies have been carried out on many locations around the globe. On the contrary studies integrating the published data into regional or global pictures of the paleoenvironmental situation are much less frequent. With the EASED project we plan to develop a paleoenvironmental data base for Eurasia. We focus on eolian sediments as main archives and luminescense dating as primary age control. Our database will be designed to answer the following research questions:

  • How are the studied sites distributed over Eurasia? Where are major gaps? The current coverage of sites is displayed in the figure to the right (click to enlarge).
  • How reliable are in the published datings? Is the coverage with high quality data satisfying?
  • Are there general trends in the timing of the onset and the end of loess sedimentation along different transects? Are different regimes of atmospheric circulation reflected in the dynamics of eolian covers?

Contact person:
Dr. Georg Stauch

01/2007 - (unlimited)

Funding (F÷rderung):
own funding

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