Erasmus Graduate Traineeship


Within Erasmus+ Traineeship there is the possibility of completing a traineeship in another European country after the end of your current studies.

To do this, you must apply for an Erasmus+ placement in the last year of each phase of your studies. Then the traineeship can be funded within one year (12 months) even after completing your studies.

The traineeship must be completed within one year of graduation.

The duration of the traineeship is counted towards the time quota of the previous study phase.
Example: You were a student in Erasmus+ abroad for half a year in your Bachelor's programme and did an traineeship in Erasmus+ abroad for 3 months. Erasmus+ finances 12 months per study. Thus, another 3 months of the Erasmus+ graduate traineeship are financially supported.

Graduates are exmatriculated during the traineeship. The certificate of exmatriculation or the diploma are proof of exmatriculation. A certificate from the Examination Office that all academic achievements have been completed is also considered proof of exmatriculation.

The minimum duration of an Erasmus+ graduate traineeship is 2 months or 60 days. Remuneration is based on the same country rates as for the Erasmus+ traineeship.

What you need to apply for a grant:

  • Confirmation of an traineeship place (the exact period does not have to be determined yet)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of exmatriculation. This can be submitted up to one month before the start of the traineeship.