ABC/J competence center "HyCo-Geo"

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Proposal for ABC/J competence center "HyCo-Geo" approved!


Figure: a) „Innerste Dam“ (Harz mountains), b) Wurm River (Aachen), c) open-pit lignite mine (Schophoven), d) channel changes of the Rur River

Next year, the Hydro Competence Center Geo (HyCoGeo) will be established within the "Geoverbund ABC/J". The proposal by Frank Lehmkuhl (RWTH Aachen), Mariele Evers (Univ. Bonn) and Jan Schwarzbauer (RWTH Aachen) will unite the expertise of the "Geoverbund ABC/J" to the dynamics of the hydrosphere, which will be subject to major changes in the coming years.

The main objectives include the bundling and networking of expertise, the promotion of young scientists, and the acquisition of new research projects. In addition to teaching and research collaboration, summer schools, “virtual labs”, and "living labs" for young scientists will be organized at three rivers in the region during the funding period.

Cooperation with regional partners in practice, such as water boards, is intended to bring together science and practice. Further cooperation with international organizations will open up opportunities for international networking.

HyCo-Geo Summer School 2022 “Hydrological Extreme Events”