New publications in the final phase of the CRC806 "Our Way to Europe"

Map showing the distribution of loess and Pleistocene glaciations in Central Europe Copyright: © Elsevier/Lehmkuhl et al. (2020)



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In the final phase of SFB806, various research results from the last few years were published. Most of the articles are accessible under Open Access!


Bösken, J., Schmidt, C. (2020): Direct and Indirect Luminescence Dating of Tephra: A Review. Journal of Quaternary Science 35 (1-2), 39-53. (Open Access!)

Fischer, P., Jöris, O., Fitzsimmons, K.E., Vinnepand, M., Prud’homme, C., Schulte, P., Hatté, C., Hambach, U., Lindauer, S., Zeeden, C. Peric, Z., Lehmkuhl, F., Wunderlich, T., Wilken, D., Schirmer, W., Vött, A. (2020): The Loess-Palaeosol-Sequences of the Schwalbenberg (Middle Rhine Valley, Germany): Millennial-scale terrestrial ecosystem responses to climatic changes of the Last Interglacial/Glacial Cycle. Catena 196, 104913. (Open Access!)

Händel, M., Thomas, R., Sprafke, T., Schulte, P., Brandl, M., Simon, U., Einwögerer, T. (accepted): Using archaeological data and sediment parameters to review the formation of the Gravettian layers at Krems‐Wachtberg. Journal of Quaternary Science.

Krauß, L., Klasen, N., Schulte, P., Lehmkuhl, F. (accepted): New results concerning the pedo- and chronostratigraphy of the loess-paleosol-sequence Attenfeld (Bavaria, Germany) derived from a multi-methodological approach. Journal of Quaternary Science.

Lehmkuhl, F., Nett, J.J., Pötter, S., Schulte, P., Sprafke, T., Jary, Z., Antoine, P., Wacha, L., Wolf, D., Zerboni, A., Hošek, J., Marković, S.B., Obreht, I., Sümegi, P., Veres, D., Zeeden, C., Boemke, B., Schaubert, V., Viehweger, J., Hambach, U. (in press): Loess landscapes of Europe – mapping, geomorphology, and zonal differentiation. Earth Science Reviews. (Open Access!)

Ludwig, P., Gavrilov, M.B., Markovic, S.B., Ujvari, G., Lehmkuhl, F. (in press): Simulated regional dust cycle in the Carpathian Basin and the Adriatic Sea region during the LGM. Quaternary International.

Maier, A., Stojakowts, P., Mayr. C. Peiffer, S. Preusser, F., Zolitschka, B., Anghelinu, M., Bobak, D., Duprat-Oualid, F., Einwögerer, T., Hambach, U., Händel, M., Kaminská, L., Kämpf, L., Łanczont, M., Lehmkuhl, F., Lengyel, G., L., Ludwig, P., Magyari, E., Mroczek, P., Nemergut, A., Nerudová, Z., Niţă, L.,Pfeifer, S., Polanská, M., Połtowicz-Bobak, M., Rius, D., Römer, W., Simon, U., Škrdla, P., Úivári, G., Veres, D., (in press): Cultural evolution and environmental change in Central Europe between 40.000 and 15.000 years ago. Quaternary International.

Marković, S.B., Vandenberghe, J., Stevens, T., Mihailović, D., Gavrilov, M.B., Radaković, M.G., Zeeden, C., Obreht, I., Perić, Z., Lehmkuhl, F. (2020): Geomorphological evolution of the Petrovaradin Fortress Palaeolithic site (Novi Sad, Serbia). Quaternary Research 1-14. (Open Access!)

Nett, J.J., Chu, W., Fischer, P., Hambach, U., Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Obreht, I., Obrocki, L., Pötter, S., Gavrilov, M.B., Vött, A., Mihailović , D., Marković, S.B., Lehmkuhl, F. (2021): The Early Upper Paleolithic Site Crvenka-At, Serbia–The First Aurignacian Lowland Occupation Site in the Southern Carpathian Basin, Frontiers in Earth Science 9, 56. (Open Access!)

Perić, Z.M., Marković, S.B., Avram, A., Timar-Gabor, A., Zeeden, C., Nett, J.J., Fischer, P., Fitzsimmons, K., Gavrilov, M.B. (in press): Initial quartz OSL and dust mass accumulation rate investigation of the Kisiljevo loess sequence in north-eastern Serbia. Quaternary International.

Pötter, S., Veres, D., Baykal, Y., Nett, J.J., Schulte, P., Hambach, U., Lehmkuhl, F. (accepted): Source estimation of Pleniglacial Lower Danube loess based on geochemical signatures of loess-palaeosol sequences. Frontiers in Earth Science. (Open Access!)

Pötter, S., Schmitz, A., Lücke, A., Schulte, P., Obreht, I., Zech, M., Wissel, H., Marković, S.B., Lehmkuhl, F. (2021): Middle to Late Pleistocene environments based on stable organic carbon and nitrogen isotopes of loess-palaeosol sequences from the Carpathian Basin. Boreas 50, 184-204. (Open Access!)

Richter, J., Litt, T., Lehmkuhl, F., Hense, A., Hauck, T.C., Leder, D.F., Miebach, A., Parow-Souchon, H., Sauer, F., Schoenenberg, J., Hussain, S.T. (2020): Al-Ansab and the Dead Sea: mid-MIS 3 Archaeology and Environment of the Early Ahmarian Population of the Levantine Corridor. PLoSONE 15(10):e0239968. (Open Access!)

Scheidt S., Berg S., Hambach U., Klasen N., Pötter S., Stolz A., Veres D., Zeeden C., Brill D., Brückner H., Kusch S., Laag C., Lehmkuhl F., Melles M., Monnens F., Oppermann L., Rethemeyer J., Nett J. (2021): Chronological assessment of the Balta Alba Kurgan loess-paleosol section (Romania) – a comparative study on different dating methods for a robust and precise age model. Frontiers in Earth Science 8, 586. (Open Access!)

Schmidt, C., Zeeden, C., Krauß, L., Lehmkuhl, F., Zöller, L. (2021): A chronological and palaeoenvironmental re-evaluation of two loess-palaeosol records in the northern Harz foreland, Germany, based on innovative modelling tools. Boreas. (Open Access!)

Sprafke, T, Schulte, P., Meyer-Heintze, S., Händel, M., Einwögerer, T., Simon, U., Peticzka, R., Schäfer, C., Lehmkuhl, F., Terhorst, B. (2020): Paleoenvironments from robust loess stratigraphy using high-resolution color and grain-size data of the last glacial Krems-Wachtberg record (NE Austria). Quaternary Science Reviews 248:106602. (Open Access!)

Tecsa, V., Gerasimenko, N., Veres, D., Hambach, U., Lehmkuhl, F., Schulte, P., Timar-Gabor, A. (2020): Revisiting the chronostratigraphy of Late Pleistocene loess-paleosol sequences in southwestern Ukraine: OSL dating of Kurortne section. Quaternary International.542: 65-79. (Open Access!)

Zeeden, C., Hambach, U., Klasen, N., Fischer, P., Schulte, P., Nett, J.J., Veres, D., Obreht, I., Chu, W. Papadopoulou, M., Viehberg, F., Schäbitz, F., Gavrilov, M.B., Marković, S.B., Vött, A., Lehmkuhl, F. (accepted): Sedimentology of a Late Quaternary lacustrine record from the south-eastern Carpathian Basin. Journal of Quaternary Science.

Zeeden, C., Obreht, I., Veres, D., Kaboth-Bahr, S., Hošek, J., Markovic, S., Bösken, J., Lehmkuhl, F., Rolf, C., Hambach, U. (2020): Smoothed millennial-scale palaeoclimatic reference data as unconventional comparison targets: Application to European loess records. Scientific Reports, 10:5455. (Open Access!)