New publication on remobilization of pollutants by extreme flood events




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A new publication, created with the participation of our chair, provides insight into the remobilization of pollutants during extreme flood events. As the recent century- to millennium-scale flood in western Germany illustrates, an understanding of the associated transport of pollutants is essential to assess the risks to humans and the environment.


Crawford, S.E., Brinkmann, M., Quellet, J.D., Lehmkuhl, F., Reicherter, K., Schwarzbauer, J., Bellanova, P., Letmathe, P., Blank, L.M., Weber, R., Brack, W., van Dongen, J.T., Menzel, L., Hecker, M., Schüttrumpf, H., Hollert, H. (2022): Remobilization of pollutants during extreme flood events poses severe risks to human and environmental health. Journal of Hazardous Materials 421, 126691.