Presentation Award of the Annual Conference of the AK Geoarchaeology 2022 in Mainz for Bruno Boemke




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The 17th annual conference of the Geoarchaeology Working Group with over 200 members took place from 12 to 14 June this year. The conference was hosted by the Institute of Geography at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Around 85 participants, including numerous PhD students, participated at the broad programme of lectures and posters over two days. As in previous years, an outstanding lecture was awarded a prize during the conference. This year, the prize went to our colleague Bruno Boemke, who was able to prevail over 19 competing presentations with his talk.

  The award winner Bruno Boemke with the certificate in his hand. The poster session can be seen in the background. Copyright: © C. Stolz / F. Henselowsky The recipient Bruno Boemke at the presentation award ceremony.

Under the title "Approaching sampling bias of Upper and Final Palaeolithic sites - a geospatial analysis of a European dataset" he presented the results of a statistical analysis of the European Palaeolithic site dataset. The presentation was based on a statistical analysis of the different factors influencing the existing distribution of sites in Europe. The project was developed in cooperation with the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology in Cologne. It results from the cooperation within the framework of the CRC 806 - "Our Way to Europe".

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