EGU 2018

Sonntag, 08.04.2018, 00.00 Uhr

Vom 8. bis zum 13. April 2018 findet in Wien die European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2018 statt, die größte geowissenschaftliche Tagung Europas. Der Lehrstuhl PGG ist mit folgenden Themen vertreten:

  • Bösken, J. et al. Integrating geomorphology, geophysics, sedimentology and geochronology – a multi-proxy geoarcheological investigation at the Early Upper Paleolithic site of Crvenka-At, Vršac (Serbia) [EGU2018-7874].
  • Leder, D. and Bösken, J. Late Pleistocene landscapes and human mobility east of the Jordan Rift Valley: Results of geoarchaeological research inWadi Sabra [EGU2018-16417].
  • Bösken, J. et al. Consistency challenges between correlative and luminescence age models for the last ~150 ka in the Lower Danube Basin loess-paleosol sequences [EGU2018-7986].
  • Klasen, N. et al. Luminescence dating of the lacustrine record of Vršac (Carpathian Basin, Serbia) – implications for a palaeoenvironmetal reconstruction [EGU2018-19044].
  • Zeeden, C. et al. Smoothing of millennial scale climate variability in European Loess (and other records) [EGU2018-6185].
  • Lehmkuhl, F. et al. Alluvial fans and aeolian deposits in the desert margins of Mongolia [EGU2018-5370]
  • Stauch, G. Aeolian sediments as archive of monsoonal changes on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau [EGU2018-7229]


Und der Sitzung:

Integrating stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology and paleoclimate in human evolution and dispersal studies - from early hominins to the Holocene (co-organized)