Conference - Palaeoclimate Research in Central Asia


Friday, 24.04.2018, 09.455 Uhr

Mongolia Copyright: F. Lehmkuhl

20 years of paleoclimate research in Mongolia and China from RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. F. Lehmkuhl

Chair of Physical Geography and Geoecology

The high mountain environments in Central and High Asia, especially the Tibetan Plateau, provide water resources for more than 3 billion people. They are water towers and reservoirs with high precipitation as well as ice and snow. Therefore, the interest in understanding the water cycles and related earth surfaces processes of this vast region, affected by the climate change, increased over the past decades. The paleoenviromental development, driven by changes in temperature and moisture, is recorded in the extent of glaciers and lakes. Geomorphological and biological environments such as loess, paleosols, lacustrine and fluvial deposits as well as trees and peat bogs are archives for the climatic development of the region. This small conference aims to review important geo- and bioscientific research issues and stimulate ideas for future research and cooperation.


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