OSL chronologies of paleoenvironmental dynamics recorded by loess-paleosol sequences from Europe: Case studies from the Rhine-Meuse area and the Neckar Basin

Amsterdam [u.a.] / Elsevier Science (2017, 2018) [Contribution to a book, Journal Article]

Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology
Volume: 509
Page(s): 105-125


Selected Authors

Zens, J÷rg
Schulte, Philipp
Klasen, Nicole
Krau▀, Lydia
Pirson, StÚphane

Other Authors

Burow, Christoph
Brill, Dominik
Eckmeier, Eileen
Kels, Holger
Zeeden, Christian Johannes
Spagna, Paul
Lehmkuhl, Frank