2021 Central European Upland and North European Lowland


Excursion Central European Upland and North European Lowland

  • Destination: South Poland or Germany (dependant upon course of pandemic)
  • Time: presumably beginning or middle of September (30.8. – 10.9. or 6.9. – 17.9.)
  • Number of participants: 20
  • Appr. costs: ca. 500 €
  • Seminar: presumably 4 appointments á 2 hours in the summer semester 2021
  • Organization: Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmkuhl, Dr. Janina Bösken, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Römer

If the course of the pandemic permits, we can undertake an excursion to southern Poland as planned in 2020. This will - as far as possible - provide a comprehensive overview of the geomorphological, geological, and cultural-historical aspects of southern Poland and will be carried out in cooperation with the Chair of Physical Geography at Wrocław University. From Wrocław we would travel to the Tatra Mountains as well as to the border with Ukraine. The main topics will be the entire physical geography, including glacial morphology, geology and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. However, historical and human geographic aspects, such as the urban geography of Wroclaw, Krakow, Sandomir and Zakopane, will also be considered. The journey to and from Wroclaw would have to be organised by the participants themselves (flight, train or Flixbus). It should be noted that the excursion to Poland would be held in English.

Alternatively, we will head for the Central German Uplands (Harz, Sauerland) and the lowlands of North Germany. There, the focus will be on the geological, geomorphological, and geoecological aspects of the mid-range mountain transition ("Mittelgebirgsschwelle") and the northern European lowlands. In addition to the physical-geographical focus, there will also be human-geographical topics.

In both cases, the evaluation is based on individual seminar papers and presentation for the regional seminar part as well as a thematic map prepared in teamwork after completion of the excursion (for the regional practical course).