Open Access Quantitative reconstruction of precipitation changes on the NE Tibetan Plateau since the Last Glacial Maximum - extending the concept of pollen source area to pollen-based climate reconstructions from large lakes

Wang, Y. (Corresponding author); Herzschuh, U.; Shumilovskikh, L. S.; Mischke, S.; Birks, H. J. B.; Wischnewski, J.; Böhner, J.; Schlütz, F.; Lehmkuhl, Frank; Diekmann, B.; Wünnemann, B.; Zhang, C.

Göttingen : Copernicus-Ges. (2014)
Journal Article

In: Climate of the past : CP
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 21-39


  • Division of Earth Sciences and Geography [530000]
  • Chair of Physical Geography and Geoecology [551610]