Stratigraphic continuity and fragmentary sedimentation : the success of cyclostratigraphy as part of integrated stratigraphy

London / The Geological Soc. ; Stanford, Calif. : HighWire Press (2014) [Contribution to a book]

Special publication / the Geological Society, London. - 404
Page(s): 42 S.


Selected Authors

Hilgen, Frederik J.
Hinnov, Linda A.
Abdul Aziz, Hayfaa
Abels, Hemmo A.
Batenburg, Sietske

Other Authors

Bosmans, Joyce H. C.
De Boer, Bas
Hüsing, Silja K.
Kuiper, Klaudia F.
Lourens, Lucas L.
Rivera, Tiffany
Tuenter, Erik
Van de Wal, Roderik S. W.
Wotzlaw, Jörn-Frederik
Zeeden, Christian