The Late Pleistocene Belotinac section (southern Serbia) at the southern limit of the European loess belt : Environmental and climate reconstruction using grain size and stable C and N isotopes

Amsterdam / Elsevier [u.a.] (2014) [Contribution to a book, Journal Article]

Quaternary international
Volume: 334/335
Page(s): 10-19


Selected Authors

Obreht, Igor
Buggle, Bjoern
Catto, Norm
Markovic, Slobodan B.
Boesel, Stefanie

Other Authors

Vandenberghe, Dimitri A. G.
Hambach, Ulrich
Svircev, Zorica
Lehmkuhl, Frank
Basarin, Biljana
Gavrilov, Milivoj B.
Jovic, Goran