Climatological and environmental change as derived from physical and geochemical loess sediment properties: Examples of last glacial loess sites from the Pannonian Basin

Suceava / Stefan del Mare University Press (2014) [Contribution to a conference proceedings, Journal Article]

Georeview : Seria Geografie
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Page(s): 91-94


Selected Authors

Lehmkuhl, Frank
Zeeden, Christian
Bösken, Janina Johanna
Eckmeier, Eileen Sandra
Hambach, Ulrich

Other Authors

Hauck, Thomas
Klasen, Nicole
Markovic, Slobodan B.
Obreht, Igor
Schulte, Philipp
Sümegi, Pál
Veres, Daniel
Zander, Anja