Late Quaternary Lake Dynamics in the Verkhoyansk Mountains of Eastern Siberia : Implications for Climate and Glaciation History

Katlenburg-Lindau / European Geophysical Society (2018) [Abstract, Contribution to a conference proceedings, Journal Article]

Geophysical Research Abstracts
Volume: 20
Page(s): 1 Seite


Selected Authors

Diekmann, Bernhard
Pestryakova, Luidmilla
Nazarova, Larisa
Subetto, Dmitry
Tarasov, Pavel

Other Authors

Stauch, Georg
Thiemann, Arne Sebastian
Lehmkuhl, Frank
Biskaborn, Boris
Kuhn, Gerhard
Henning, Denis
Müller, Stefanie


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2018-231695