The geographical extent of the "L2-Tephra": a widespread marker horizon for the penultimate glacial (MIS 6) on the Balkan Peninsula

(2018) [Abstract, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Crossing New Frontiers : INTAV International Field Conference on Tephrochronology "Tephra Hunt in Transylvania" : Moieciu de Sus, Romania, 24 June - 1 July 2018 : Book of Abstracts / Ulrich Hambach & Daniel Veres (eds.)
Page(s): 111-111


Selected Authors

Laag, Christian
Hambach, Ulrich
Botezatu, Akos
Baykal, Yunus
Veres, Daniel

Other Authors

Schönwetter, Thomas
Viola, Jannis
Zeeden, Christian Johannes
Radakovic, Milica G.
Obreht, Igor
Jovanovic, Mladjen
Bösken, Janina Johanna
Lehmkuhl, Frank
Markovic, Slobodan B.


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2018-232002