Geomorphological Research regarding the late Quaternay climate and landscape development of the Donggi Cona, north-eastern Tibetan Plateau



Georg Stauch

Akademischer Oberrat


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  Research at Lake Donggi Cona Research at Lake Donggi Cona

Geomorphological and geological studies were conducted in the catchment of the lake Donggi Cona, north-eastern Tibetan Plateau. In addition to geomorphological mapping and surveying of terraces and beachwall systems in the field, remote sensing analyzes were used to mapp topographical features in a larger area. Selected key sections were sampled for sedimentological and chronstratigraphical analyzes. These studies have provided initial evidence for the landscape history of the region and will be intensivied in the fram of the DFG Priority Programm "The Tibetan Plateau - Geodynamics and Environmental Evolution (TIP)"

Duration 03/2008 - 05/2008
Funding DFG Le 730/20-1, Prof. Dr. F. Lehmkuhl, Dr. G. Stauch
Project partners

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wünnemann Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Hui Zhao – Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou